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By Sigma | 04 November 2019 | 0 Comments

New trends of Modern bathroom

The X Generation:Home bathroom designs or a stylized bathroom is one of the ways homeowners can reflect their presence and personality in a home. De facto, millennials are twice as likely to remodel a bathroom compared to their previous counterpart, the X Generation.

Bathrooms play a key role in living. And to working millennials after a stressful stretch between career and family, it may serve as an intimate solo escape before and after a day of work.

The intermixing of colors, textures and patterns into the space is trending as top home bathroom designs. Whether it is renovation work or new developments, crisp, clean and bold lines come to define bathroom aesthetics. Besides, as homes become more expensive and smaller, millennial owners are keen to integrate styles with personality in every corner of their homes. The bathroom comes as no exception.

Statement tapware can accentuate any types of bathroom design. Black matte faucets and showers can extend their presence in the space against light backgrounds, whereas metallic brass and gold-ware will bring a design into the luxury territory. To add, between classic and contemporary designs, faucets could make an extra splash to any bathrooms. Thanks to advanced technology, millennials now have the chance to choose anything between transparent to LED- lit faucets.

Hotel-inspired bathroom interiors ranked number one in a consumer tracking research. Natural stones can create one seamless and integrated space that promotes open plan living, an uninterrupted effect produced by using oversize and neutral-colored tiles. The bigger, the better. Adding elements like wooden fixtures or plants into a bathroom can further accentuate a spa-like effect. Installing wooden fixtures against a dark backdrop tends to create an industrial ambiance.

What’s more, sherbet and pastel hues are making a comeback. They evoke the era of glitz and hedonism from the glamorous 30s where ice- cream-colored convertibles and pool parties were associated with the American Dream. That desire may be diminishing today, but the hues work exceptionally well with metallic tap ware and even brass piping. The effect adds a stunningly playful tone.  Other color pops, such as red on white, or pink on black can add personality.

To add, bathrooms need to be lit. Lighting could make the most of a stunning interior. Dangling lights are visually pleasing and add personality to the design, opting away from the traditional and classic bathroom light. Whereas accent lighting gives a softer touch to the design, setting a cozy and warm atmosphere.

Space is deficient in today’s homes. Versatility is crucial. Personal touch adds flair. Finding a balance of the three could be a challenge for millennial homeowners. But there are options, and with some research and planning, any bathrooms can be refreshed into an on-site escape. Adding a focal point to your bathroom with mirrors, artwork, and decors can also tune the personalized design up a notch.

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